No Heat Bridal Hairstyles.

Deciding on styles for Wedding Hair and Makeup for most Brides is up there with finding the perfect bridal gown. Once the wedding dress has been found it's Pinterest pinning all the way, shall I go hair up, hair down or half up, half down, the styling options are endless and can sometimes lead to unwanted confusion. If however you are a bride who knows that they don't want to use heat on their hair (due to colour or damage control) and would like to create a bridal up-do hairstyle then braiding is a fantastic option. Many bridal hair ups use this technique, it's a wonderfull way to achieve both classic or bohemian looks without risking damaging dry or brittle hair.

At all of my Bridal Hair and Makeup trials brides have the oppotunity to discuss the 'No Heat' method. Please reach out to me if this is something of interest to you.